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    IT Consulting

    Why? It's simple. We help you achieve more and reach your goals. ZettaPrimee is an elite IT solutions firm, providing IT staffing and software consulting services to our clients. Our experience is our foundation. We hire only the most exceptional talent so they hit the ground running when you work with us. Our proven ability to recruit, source, screen, hire top talent amd most importantly retain them has set ZettaPrimeee as an industry leader among traditional staffing agencies. Whether you are seeking a short-term staff augmentation placement, or contract or direct hire placement services, ZettaPrimeee will get the right talent for your specific need.

    We know that building and growing a successful business requires way more than just an innovative product or service. Companies live or die by the quality of the people that work for them. Our teams strengthen organizations by providing highly specialized talent. Contact us now

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    Business Consulting

    Sometimes it makes sense to completely outsource your development to a technology partner. We'll build a team around your company to handle every technology need, so you can stay focused on your core competency.

    Many of our clients partner with us by completely outsourcing all their technical needs to us: sales websites, custom web applications, mobile apps, back-end systems, integrations, payment processing, point-of-sale systems, managed hosting, cloud migration, architecture, data, automation - all of it. They partner with us for several reasons; 1. Recruiting Costs WAY Too Much Time & Money, 2. Hiring The Right Blend of Experience Is Crucial, 3. Cohesive Teams Produce Better Products.

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    Systems Integration

    Every organization, small and large alike, have different systems they wish worked better together. Having the right integrations can make all of the difference! Let us help you get your POS data to your CRM, or integrate your CMS with your App. When you understand the benefits and saved effort of integration, you'll wish you started with us years ago.

    Every orgianization makes changes, some go through acquisitions and so on and so forth. In every case there is integration that needs to be done. In many cases, Integration has been the biggest hurdle to cross. Not any more. Integration is not a taboo any more. With our multiple years of experience across various domains, we have worked on many systems and solutions than any one would think of. That is our strength and secret of success. We bring to you our knowledge that helps you hit the road running with very minimal interruptions.